All the real wood American furniture is the life, and the art is to punch cards.

Have you found that the rise of modernism in the past few years? The Scandinavian wind and the Japanese style have long occupied the hot list of decorating styles, which can be seen for a long time.

The "modern family" that has just entered the eleventh season finale, the pure American furniture rolled down the plot and the color value, many fans began to start with the same furniture, and even went to the shooting place to punch cards.

The American style emphasizes plain and simple design, pays attention to freedom and comfort, and gives people a feeling of relaxing at home when they take a look.

Most of the materials are made of natural solid wood, which will show the sense of retro by making old technology.

So many people who pursue the quality of life want to start with two or three pieces of furniture, even the whole house.

But if you don't control the matching style, it's easy to become a rustic tyrant mansion.

Is it difficult to have an American style of home life? Where is the pure American furniture in China?

The "Fifth Avenue", which is able to meet the needs of "finished products + customization + soft packaging", is pure and elegant, with a calm atmosphere and a unique charm of retro and modern.

The sugar master came to punch the card in "Fifth Avenue" exhibition hall of 威客電競 furniture, to show you the pure American style of home.

The modern classic American furniture of 威客電競 furniture combines classical modeling with modern features, restoring its ancient character and showing its noble qualities everywhere.

Warm and relaxing living room: feel the comfort and romance of the family.

American furniture is not like European furniture. It is decorated with gold and silver, brilliant and sparkling. It is also not like the cold air of Nordic furniture and less warm life.

It has removed the tedious traditional design, the simple sense of atmospheric line design, the color uniformity of leather sofa, coffee table, leisure chair and TV cabinet. The whole space gives people a simple and extraordinary feeling, which makes people relaxed.

The traditional American furniture is mainly black, brown, dark red and other dark colors. "Fifth Avenue" not only retains the general style of color, but also adds some modern new elements. This new combination of "restoring ancient ways and opening up" represents the classical romantic feelings of American family culture, and it will change according to the changes of people's needs in the times.

American furniture can also be freely and freely combined. It does not emphasize the complete combination. Comfortable and free is the first element, so furniture here can make new matching according to its own preferences.

Think of going home after work, resting on a soft elastic sofa, listening to music. It's more comfortable than going to the beauty salon to make SPA.

The sofa and tea table, which are large in size, are very strong and durable. In traditional American families, some families will continue to pass on furniture as a treasure of family heritage.

Dark green sofa with orange, pink, white bag, the whole space has become lively.

Elegant and elegant restaurant: a combination of romance and practicality.

The side cupboards and wine cabinets designed by the wall have made full use of the wall space and greatly improved the utilization rate of the space.

The cabinet design of the restaurant is the upper part of which is open, or glass doors are set up. It is visually spacious and transparent. At the same time, it also plays the role of display. The lower part is the cupboard with doors, which is suitable for placing many items.

Love collectors of wine, chat with friends and family here, crystal ceiling also highlights the exquisite romantic atmosphere of restaurants, very emotional.

The new American style of liberalism is Chinese but not luxurious, elegant and warm, especially in the layout and design of restaurants.

American restaurants generally choose gloss solid round table, which can increase the utilization rate of restaurant space and shorten the distance.

The "Fifth Avenue" furniture is made of high-end solid wood, "Babu Yayse Guinea dragon eye solid wood", natural wear-resistant, high hardness, not easy to crack, like in the restaurant, if we accidentally sprinkle the soup, hit the knife and fork, it is not easy to corrode wood or scratch.

The integrated kitchen design solves the space problem, and strengthens the relationship between the two. It is very suitable for mothers who bring their children to cook, while watching their children doing homework and playing on the table, cooking the baby with two mistakes, and usually switching the space into social space.

The biggest two points in the dining room are the design of the storage cabinet. The cupboard conceals the smoking machine, increases the storage space, and also plays the decorative effect. The tableware can be packed into a large capacity cabinet, not afraid of dust accumulation, and do not worry about being taken by the child accidentally.

The wine cabinet has become one of the indispensable furniture for many families. The collection of beautiful wine in the red mahogany cabinet adds romance and elegance to the restaurant and highlights the master's taste.

Usually invite 35 confidant, listen to music, shake red wine, enjoy life.

The storage cabinet at the corner has a unique sense of time, dark matte color and old technology, and also keeps the original wood texture. It feels like a family treasure for many years.

It is beautiful and practical. It can display vases, lamps, books, souvenirs and display items. The cabinet can store sundries, food and tableware. The open areas below can store magazines, water bottles, and some large items.

威客電競 furniture focuses on multi-functional and practical cosmetics. It's no wonder that so many people like it.

Warm bedroom: let love sleep with "perfect reasons".

American bedroom is more stable and restrained, but 威客電競 furniture has no traditional American style. The first impression is elegant and noble.

Simple and neat lines with a large area of light color, warm and elegant, help sleep.

Beds and soft bags are light colored at different levels, rising and falling in layers.

The copper nails on soft bags can strengthen the combination of wood and cortex, improve the quality and prolong the service life.

The furniture of 威客電競 can be customized according to the living habits and personalized needs, creating a bedroom that makes people eager to live, and having a beautiful dream every day.

This refreshing American style bedroom really makes people fall in love at first sight. Harmonious colors weaken the heavy sense of wood color and balance the space.

It has to be said that the aesthetics of Fifth Avenue is very exciting, adding a few Tiffany blue to the retro space color, and making the bedroom seconds smaller and fresher.

Looking closely, it also reminds people of Audrey Hepburn's same color. He is so lazy and charming that he wants to throw himself into a big bed to rest and sleep.

Tiffany's breakfast

The heartbeat cloakroom: enjoy every moment here.

This is how many girls dream of the independent cloakroom, with three walls made of wardrobe and storage cabinet, finally able to find the right home for their favorite bag clothes, real wife is too happy!

From the master bedroom to the walk in cloakroom, the quality and grade are immediately felt, which can maintain the visual and spacious space. It is also very convenient to dress, dress and arrange at ordinary times.

Ting Renhao furniture's little partner said that this cloakroom is especially popular and highly popular, and the designer's cabinet and powerful storage function and high taste design are very popular.

The tone of all solid wood gives out a sense of calm atmosphere, which is suitable for both boys and girls.

The design of the functional area allows all the clothes to be clearly arranged, hanging area, stacking area, partition drawer, ordinary drawer, luggage compartment, shoe cabinet, and even dressing table.

Every inch of space is arranged in a clear and orderly way, which greatly improves the quality of life.

We used to run N shopping malls to buy furniture, to customize furniture later, and now to the popular whole house customization, so that we can save time, energy and worry.

威客電競 furniture "finished products + customization + soft loading" one-stop home customization MALL service, but also helps us check aesthetic appreciation no longer need to worry about putting all kinds of furniture together, embarrassingly ugly buyers show.

What kind of style you like, the characteristics of your personal life, you can design according to your own ideas, and make your home warm and have a soul.

In addition to the "Fifth Avenue" American style, 威客電競 furniture has many styles such as modern Chinese style, modern simplicity, modern style and so on. This year's new products will be more high-grade and fashionable, allowing guests to come home and feel their master's taste and attitude towards life.

Last year, the hardcover housing project between 威客電競 furniture and Hengda Real estate giant was really a "lazy Gospel". The bag can be checked in, and there is no need to worry about decorating.

In addition to face quality, 威客電競 furniture is a "green furniture superior product" signing enterprise, in the production process has always put health and environmental protection in the first place.

We need to know that "green furniture superior products" is a high-level certification for domestic furniture. Not every enterprise can easily get it.

Before choosing to live in the environment, you can be healthier and happier after your stay.

威客電競's home business is not limited to its current business model. This year, we have tried factory live broadcast, and about 300000 people have joined the cloud exploration shop.

Next, 威客電競 also plans to add the technology elements of smart home. In the future, he can make the online exhibition hall into a high data mode, which is more advanced than the VR mode.

Think about moving your fingers in the future. You can choose your favorite home style on your cell phone. You don't have to run outside. It's really cool.

威客電競 furniture has many special design, new products are far more than that. They will take part in this year's Shenzhen fashion home design week to display various products. We can immerse ourselves in the experience of American furniture and the latest products.

The design week is very rich. There are hardcover Housing exhibitions, lighting art exhibition, smart home Museum, etc.

For our favorite home, we had to spend half a year, a year or even longer to finish the decoration, "2 hours' journey, 1 hours of furniture".

威客電競 furniture one-stop home customization mode, save time and worry; a variety of classic classic, beautiful people love home.

Later, the house can also be changed to a new home, and the distance from our dream home is no longer far away.

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